October 7, 2015

Movember is Fighting Prostate Cancer

At a national level, Movember partners with the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF), whose stated objective is to empower the world’s top scientific minds by cutting red tape and encouraging collaboration to speed breakthroughs.


Prostate Cancer Movember Cincinnati

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PCF President and CEO, Dr. Jonathan Simons reviews the recent state of the cancer and how Movember is changing the landscape.



The Movember Foundation’s Programs for Fighting Prostate Cancer

The Movember Foundation’s Global Action Plan encourages global collaboration between the brightest minds in the prostate cancer research field to work together to help accelerate healthcare outcomes for men living with cancer. The Movember Foundation has invested in and directly manages four global prostate cancer projects as part of its Global Action Plan:

  • Biomarkers: Develop new tests that better predict aggressive prostate cancer, characterize metastatic disease (spread of cancer) and treatment resistance that ultimately enhance patient treatment decisions.
  • Imaging: Assist in developing better imaging tests for detecting the spread of prostate cancer; or determining the best treatment options for men with advanced cancer.
  • Active Surveillance: Create a global consensus on selection and monitoring of men with low risk prostate cancer.
  • Exercise and Metabolic Health: Understand 
the mechanisms of action and metabolic implications of physical activity on quality of life and survival of men with advanced cancer.



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