October 8, 2015

Movember Cincinnati is Fighting Testicular Cancer

Movember is working to ensure that men and boys living with and beyond testicular cancer have the treatment and care needed to be physically and mentally well.


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Why Testicular Cancer?

In most cases (better than 95%) a diagnosis of testicular cancer means established treatments and a good outcome. Unfortunately, there are a small proportion of men and boys who do not face that good outcome, and more needs to be done to support these men through diagnosis and treatment and into a long and healthy life after cancer.

Movember is tackling Prostate Cancer by bringing people together to collaborate on solutions, the goal is to fundamentally change the way men with testicular cancer are treated and supported. Movember funds initiatives that:

1. Deepen the worldwide scientific understanding of this disease and its treatments and outcomes.

2. Provide proactive support to men and boys affected by testicular cancer and their families.

3. Educate men and boys on risk factors and encourage them to seek treatment.


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Movember Funded Programs

In 2013 the Movember Global Action Plan (GAP) expanded to cover testicular cancer. GAP is a global initiative run wholly by the Movember Foundation. They also fund country and community-specific testicular cancer programs in partnership with leading organizations in the field, where these are likely to have a significant impact and can be scaled up to a national or international level.

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